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Amber Fallos Appointed New Director at Black River Industries, Inc.

The appointment of Amber Fallos, the new Director of Black River Industries, Inc., Medford, has been announced by Alan Rock, Executive Director of the Catholic Charities Bureau, Superior and Paul Dixon, President of the Black River Industries Board of Directors. Ms. Fallos brings 12 years of experience with direct management and human service organizations, most recently serving as the Director of Taylor County Human Services.  Ms. Fallos succeeds Paul Thornton, who is retiring as Director after 37 years with Black River Industries. Ms. Fallos assumed her responsibilities as the new Director on July 27, 2015.

Ms. Fallos is a native of Wisconsin  who holds a Bachelor of Social Work and two post graduate degrees: Master of Science in Education Guidance and Counseling; and a Master of Science in Community Counseling. Ms. Fallos said, “This is an exciting opportunity! I’m looking forward to the challenges and working each day with a wonderful group of people. I have a great appreciation for the good work of Catholic Charities Bureau and the many services, programs, and employment opportunities Black River Industries provides in helping men and women with intellectual and other disabilities.

Black River Industries is a community rehabilitation program serving primarily persons with intellectual disabilities in Taylor County. Opening in 1973, Black River Industries assists persons with intellectual disabilities and other barriers to employment and currently serves nearly 1,000 Taylor County residents annually in its various food, training, and transportation programs.

Alan Rock, Executive Director of Catholic Charities Bureau, Diocese of Superior stated, “I believe we have a very qualified individual who is vested in our mission and philosophy. It is a pleasure to welcome Ms. Fallos to the Director’s position of Black River Industries.”



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