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Shannon Grayson appointed as new Director of Housing

The appointment of Shannon Grayson as a new Director of Housing for Catholic Charities Bureau, Inc., Superior has been announced by Alan Rock, Executive Director of Catholic Charities Bureau. 

Ms. Grayson assumed her responsibilities in late May of 2021 and will be succeeding Gary Valley, who is retiring after 23 years.  Ms. Grayson has an exceptionally diverse work history of engineering, managing, marketing, supervision, and customer service.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a Minor in Business Administration from UWS.  Ms. Grayson expressed eagerness at working for Catholic Charities Bureau, saying, “I firmly believe in leading by example; and I enjoy motivating others to find the same passion I have for service. Sense of community is vital to a cornerstone organization like Catholic Charities Bureau, and I welcome the opportunity to lead and advocate on their behalf.”

Tracing their roots back for over a century, Catholic Charities Bureau has grown to include a collection of 134 programs in 64 communities.  The work of Catholic Charities Bureau remains dedicated to creating an environment of human dignity based on mutual respect, understanding and trust for all people served in support of the social ministry for the Diocese of Superior. 

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